To.M.To. Neteges, cleansing in El Prat of Llobregat and surroundings.

MASTER Neteges, is a new company in the sector of the cleansing, but basing us in the experience of a lot of years of work.
We offer a very competitive and economic price, a professional and punctual service, everything with ecological consciousness that reflects in the products that use.

Clients and References
Like guarantee of our work, offer to the one who request it information on our clients so that they can ask references.


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Economic cleansing

We know that it is very important to have a competitive price, therefore our prices are to the height of any pocket.
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Professionalism and punctuality

Our company bases in the seriousness with the client, with personnel totally qualified fulfil the commitments.
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Cleansing with ecological products

Have ecological consciousness and do not shelve to our planet, so we work only with ecological products - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat